• ACRD strongly believes in working together as a team. Our team of around 40 people work across various verticals in the organisation. It is with their combined efforts and dedication that we hope to achieve our goals.


  • Head Office
    1. Dr.Sunita Changkakati, Executive Director
    2. Utpala Das, Project Director/Administrator
    3.Bhuban Chetry , State Co-ordinator, Media & Communication
    4. Bhaskar Hazarika, Office Assistant

1. Satyajit Chanda, Chief Accountant
2. Bidyut Das, Accounts Assistant

  • Field Staff

    1. Apurba Sharma, Co-ordinator CBR Programme
    2. Joymala Narzary, Ujjawala Programme
    3. Sona Boro, Ujjawala Programme
    4. Rajesh Kujur, CBR Programme
    5. Bhrigu Kumar Kalita, CBR Programme
    6. Bibha Rabha, CBR Programme
    7. Diganta Sarkar , CBR Programme
    8. Dalimi Rabha, CBR Programme
    9. Revati Sharma,Coordinator, CBR Phase out
    10. Rebati Upadhaya,Field worker CBR Phase out 
    11. Hira Das, CHILDLINE
    12. Dharma KantaRai
    13. Dhan Bahadur Chetri
    14. Hiranya Kalita, CHILDLINE
    15. Menaka Rabha, CHILDLINE
    16. Jitumoni Das, CHILDLINE
    17. Biplab Sharma, CHILDLINE
    18. Iknparna Das, CHILDLINE
    19. Abani Kalita, CHILDLINE
    20. Mustafa Ali, CHILDLINE
    21. Hira Das, CHILDLINE
    22. Muklesm Rahman, CHILDLINE
    23. Labanya Das, Supervisor
    24. Man Singh Kewat, Co-ordinator

    Voluntary Service

    1. Prerna Changkakati: Advisor, Media & Communication

    2. Dr. Anjan Goswami: Project Consultancy