ACRD has been working for disabled people with a rights-based approach in Chandrapur Block of Kamrup Metro district for the last eight years. 415 persons with disabilities have been identified by ACRD till date. Each village in the Block comprises of a collective of disabled people known as Village Level Disabled People’s Organisation (VDPO) and till date, 28 DPOs have been formed in the Block. The VDPOs have formed a Block level DPO comprising of the representatives of the VDPOs. A State level DPO has been initiated by ACRD namely SELF (State Level DPO for Empowerment of Persons with Disability) which has members from five partner organisations of Assam under the CBR Foundation.

    The objective of the programme is to facilitate inclusion and participation of disabled people in the society. They should be empowered enough to assert their rights, to not just avail facilities of the government, but also be a part of the society in all its aspects -- social, education, livelihood and health. ACRD has facilitated people with disabilities to form village level, Panchayat and Block level DPOs, so that they are able to address their own issues and assert their rights. ACRD has also helped them merge into the mainstream society and live life with dignity and respect.

    The DPO members have been imparted training on livelihood suitable to them . One of the DPOs have already started a pig farm facilitated by ACRD. Some of the DPO members have opened petty shop and  as a livelihood initiative. 52 of the trained PWDs have been practicing the activities they learned during the course of the training. One of the DPO leaders whose shop was turned into an outlet for selling cane and bamboo products, has not only been making a livelihood from it, but is also helping others sell their products through his shop. Another DPO leader made profit by expanding his shop with the financial assistance he got from Karunadhara, another NGO working on the issue of disability. Five disabled persons received financial assistance for treatment/maintenance from the NGO. Two disabled youth also got jobs in the local shopping mall and are making a living by working there.

    ACRD arranged disability aids for the disabled people through ALIMCO, ‘Joypur Foot’ and Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped (VRCH). The aid included artificial limbs, hearing aids, tri cycles, wheel chairs etc. 

    Through the DPOs, around 90% of the disabled people have been able to get Disability Certificates from the Health Department of the state and about26 of them have been able to get their Identity Cards from the Social Welfare Department. 40 disabled children were also given home-based intervention through our Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) workers during the year. Four health check-up camps were organised in Panikhaiti, Chandrapur, Birkuchi and Panbari of Chandrapur Block.

  • Village level DPO meetings
    Livelihood activities of village level DPOs

  • Livelihood activities of village level DPOs

    ACRD intiated to receive financial support by PWDs from Karunadhara.



  • From the eight year onwards, the CBR programme has been in the process of phasing out. For sustainability of the programme, the mothers of the disabled children have been trained and formed into 20 groups so that they are able to help each other by teaching home based service, identify the disability and generate awareness on the issues of disability. 10 nos of children clubs in the project area have been formed so that the disable children get peer group support in regards to education, socialization etc. and get exposure of the society and social life.

    Girls with disability are playing together as member of children’s club

  • CBR Programme at Rani Block: The CBR programme has been started at Rani Block of Kamrup( rural ) district from April, 2015 with the same objective in partnership with CBR Foundation, Bangalore with the financial support from LFW, Austria. The name of the project is Empowerment and Inclusion of persons with disabilities in Rani Block of Kamrup Rural district of Assam state through Community Based Rehabilitation programme. Under this programme, 20 village level Disable People’s Organization ( VDPO), 3 Panchayat level DPO and 1 Block level DPO have been formed. The ACRD team has facilitated more than fifty per cent of the Disable people to receive disability certificate , disability aids such as wheel chair, try cycle, hearing aids, mobility can, crutches, smart phone, kits for mentally retarded etc through ALIMCO, CRC etc. Besides, more than 30 children with disability have been enrolled in school with the initiative of ACRD team and more than 20 children with disability have been given rehabilitation services. As livelihood efforts, 10 % of the disable persons have been facilitated to earn regular income .One village level DPo has started earning income by cultivating seasonal crops. Thus, the disable persons of the Block have been able to raise their issues and take action accordingly.


A child with cerebral palsy lying on the bed has been able to sit without support after home based intervention by CBR team

Home based  service by CBR team of ACRD to the children having cerebral palsy
Livelihood activity by a person with disability after ACRD intervention  

Home Based Intervention by CBR staff


A village level Disable Peoples’ Organization named Kumarbori DPO has started cultivation of crops

  • A State Level Federation of DPOs was formed with the initiative of CBR Foundation represented by the DPO leaders of five NGO partners of CBR in Assam.
    The Federation consists of the DPO leaders from five Partner Organizations of CBR Foundation in four districts of Assam. The Federation has been trying to address the issues of the disable people and taking them forward to the government machineries for a change at policy level.
  • Visit to Government offices by Federation Members

  • A state level DPO federation meeting