Child Labour



    In November 2008, under the National Child Labour Programme implemented by Kamrup Metropolitan District Authority, four non-formal schools were set up in Taltola, Amgaon, SuwaliLukuwaGarobasti and Singimari villages of Chandrapur Development Block.  These special schools, also known as ‘GyanSetu Kendra’ are meant for children in the age group of 9-14 years, who work as child labourers in different sectors. 

    Under this programme, these children are provided mid-day meals and free text books in the schools. Regular health check-up camps are organised for them. 

    A monthly stipend of Rs 150 is given to each child, which is then deposited in the post office. This scheme is designed to empower the child, who can later opt for a formal school. After three years, s/he is eligible to withdraw the accumulated amount to invest in his/her education. Overwhelmingly successful, these schools have seen active participation from members of the community during Independence Day, Republic Day, Children’s Day and Saraswati Puja celebrations organised by the teachers. All four schools have a total strength of 207 students, of which 50 have been successful in securing admission to a formal school. 


  • Educating children in the backward and remote areas: An ACRD-ASHA ( Stamford Chapter, USA) Programme
    ACRD approached the Stamford Chapter of ‘Asha for Education’, a voluntary organisation of NRIs in the USA in 2003 for helping the students of Nartap High school and Bonpura Primary School, situated in a remote area of Kamrup district. The ‘AshaFor Education’ Stamford Chapter financially supported ACRD to construct the school building of Bonpura High School. ASHA also gave grants to ACRD to pay salary to the teachers of both the schools until they were taken over by the Government last year.

    Most students studying in these schools are from nearby villages belonging to Karbi and Bodo tribes.  

    The primary aim of the ACRD-Asha intervention is to not just improve the quality of teaching, but also develop every child into a perfect human being. We want these children to be self-reliant, confident and lead a life of dignity after completing school.

    Before the intervention, teachers in the schools had grown increasingly frustrated after serving honorary for 10-15 years, with no fixed income. As a result of this, the quality of education was compromised. With financial assistance/support from Asha, ACRD started paying salary to the teachers. This brought about a drastic change in the schools.

  • Bonpura Primary School

    ACRD with the support of Asha intervened in Bonpura Primary School, located in a very backward village of Oujari in Dimoria Development Block, Kamrup district. The school building was in a dilapidated condition, but with financial support from Asha, ACRD built the school in 2004. The teachers and the helper of the School were paid salary by ACRD through Asha For Education till 2013, when the school was taken over by the Government. But one of the teachers and the helper of the school are still paid salary by the ACRD-Asha as these posts have not been sanctioned by the Government.

  • Nartap High School:

    The teachers of Nartap high School were paid salary by ACRD through AshaFor Education till 2013, when the school was taken over by the Government.  This helped and motivated the teachers to improve the quality of education in the school. The performance of the students in the High School Leaving Examination gradually improved because of the efforts of the teachers. 

    ACRD gives the ‘ASHA Award’ to outstanding students of the school every year.


  • Borkuchi High School:

  • Borkuchi High School situated in Sonapur area of Kamrup Metro district was set up eight years ago as there was no other school in the nearby area and the poor students had to commute far away to study in other schools. As a result the students were drop out from school . The local community managed to build a small to cater to the need of education in the area. The teachers , all from local area were teaching the students honorary and the performance of the students in the Board examination was very poor. With the financial support from Asha For education, Stamford chapter, ACRD has started paying salary to the teachers and constructed the toilets for the students and the teachers.

  • Regular meetings with the teachers , parents and students are held by ACRD team.
    Toilets constructed by ACRD with financial aids from Asha for Education ( Stamford, USA)