• I have a vision for a better rural society, where people enjoy prosperity, good health and peace. To achieve this, we need to work together to enhance the quality of life, specifically the youth and the upcoming generation.

    We must encourage our youth to utilise their skills and natural aptitudes and avail of many Government schemes and packages for welfare and job opportunities, for vocational skills development and training in various fields with confidence and self aggrandizement.

    We need to empower the womenfolk of our society too, to work towards the abolisment of human trafficking and other social evils like witch hunting , dowry harassment etc. affecting in our society and work together to abolish human trafficking and other social evils like witch hunting, dowry harassment, etc. affecting our women. This can be achieved by the dedicated efforts of civil society organisations. The services of Assam Centre for Rural Development (ACRD), who are dedicated and committed towards achieving this goal is always ready to render services to those who seek any support and assistance.

    Mr. Bolin Bordoloi


    Twenty eight years ago, while working in a small, remote village for my Ph. D research work, I realized I had a moral duty towards the deprived and disadvantaged people of our society. It was then my journey in the development sector began, encountered and laden with obstacles, successes and failures, but the journey has been worthwhile.

    I found many issues, so many problems that needed to be addressed in different ways. We address issues related to livelihood, human trafficking, rights for the children, etc. When I started I was alone, but today, there are many who have been a part of this journey-supporting in all possible ways.

    Yet, there is a lot to be done, and our efforts to help bring change in the quality of life of the people will continue. Let us all join hands for a better society and a better Assam.

    Dr Sunita Changkakati