Suman Kumari Rai, 10, has never been to a school before. Her father is a dairy farmer in Taltola village, Chandrapur Block. She would help her father in the same farm, clean the cow shed, collect fodder and fire wood from the nearby forest. When ACRD set up the special school – Gyan Setu Kendra - for children working as child labourers in Chandrapur Block, Suman was identified. We sent our school teachers to go to every household in the village, where most people did not send their children to school and pursue them to send children like Suman to school. Suman Kumari was enrolled in Gyan Setu Kendra and she pursued her studies diligently for next three years. After completing her studies, she was enrolled in a formal school in Class 6. Suman recently finished her high school with flying colours. Her parents have decided to utilize the monthly stipend of Rs 150 for her higher studies which was deposited in her account when she was enrolled in the school.